*Lose/gain up to 10lbs

*Learn how to exercise properly

*Develop a personalized routine


*Lose/gain up to 20lbs

*Double your body strength

*Lose inches


*Lose/gain up to 40lbs

*Triple your body strength

*Feel confident in the gym


Joey is a truly amazing trainer. He has an impressive knowledge of sports physiology, and keeps close track of how far you’re doing with each exercise, challenging you and making sure you’re moving forward safely and steadily. He pays very careful attention to your posture and movements as you exercise so you avoid any injury. He’s also got great advice about diet, nutrition, and weight loss. He’s also just a great guy. I can’t imagine someone who brings together more of the qualities you’d want in a trainer.”

Formstrong Fitness Client

I am not sure what we did to get so lucky to have Joey as our get-your-body-and-your-life-together-all-in-one coach, but I am so grateful. His gentle yet firm yet knowledgeable manner has helped us both trust him but also push ourselves beyond what we thought was possible. He's taught us the unimaginable - to love working out. And that can only come from his big heart and his most sincere intention to get you the most for your effort. Always enthusiastic; always kind. I am grateful we have him and we have never felt better.

Formstrong Fitness Client

I have worked with many trainers in the past and none of them came near the attention to detail that Joey did. Joey Helped me recover from various medical conditions and feel stronger in my everyday activity. Plus Joey is a pleasure to be around. I would recommend him to anyone!

Formstrong Fitness Client